Is It Finished?

April 10th, 2012

A follow-up to Santorum’s Spring Break, inspired by Rick Santorum’s withdrawal from the race today.


“I don’t forgive him, for he knows what he did. It is not finished.” — Rick Santorum (paraphrased)













Last week, I predicted Rick Santorum would drop out today

And precisely what he would say.


I got the timing exactly right,

And Rick even used one of the excuses I thought he might.


But one thing I predicted was conspicuously missing:

Even the slightest hint of intra-party ass-kissing.


I thought Rick would also come out and endorse the nominee

And unreservedly pledge to support the GOP.


That was one thing Rick was unwilling to do

(If I were him, I probably would have been too).


No, in spite of the Easter holiday just passed,

Rick was unwilling to forget about the past.


He was unwilling to forgive Romney for what Rick thinks he did:

Using lies and money to unfairly destroy Rick’s presidential bid.


(So much for following Jesus’s example,

Of which Rick’s speech today was yet another sample.)


But Rick did set the stage for his 2016 political resurrection,

Assuming Romney loses this year and hence isn’t up for reelection.


Only that loss will Rick and his followers redeem,

And set the GOP up for continued march to the extreme.


Only that will restore to Rick what was unfairly taken

And make up for his being by the Establishment forsaken.


But acceptance and forgiveness? There’ll be none of that,

Just a temporary truce in intra-party combat.


Then the battle will resume for the GOP’s soul,

With Rick Santorum playing his rightful role.


Rick, I know you like to see yourself as up on that cross,

With Mitt the Betrayer responsible for your nomination loss.


But you’re really the Evil One, tempting your Party and Nation to give in to hate,

And for that ultimate resolution we might now have to until 2016 wait.


It’s too bad we now won’t be able to see you and your views soundly defeated

(Then we could have in fact said, “it is completed.”)


But maybe, like Chris says, when Mitt is put in his political pillory,

We’ll get that final showdown in 2016 between you and Hillary.


Here’s Santorum’s speech.


Here’s Hardball’s 4/10/12 discussion of Santorum’s departure from the race. Chris also hypothesizes that Rick is looking towards 2016, and hence secretly expects (and perhaps also hopes) that Romney is going to lose in November (Chris was even able to almost get Santorum aide Hogan Gidley to almost confirm that hypothesis by dint of his lack of vociferous denial of it). Chris also expresses his fervent hope that if Santorum’s resurrection is what comes to pass in 2016, that Hillary Clinton then becomes the one to face him. I agree that would be one heckuva match-up.

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