Is AIDS God’s Punishment?

December 1st, 2009

Inspired by World AIDS Day today and this excellent article.


Today is World AIDS Day,

Which of course is not just about being gay.

Straight people can get AIDS too

(Usually for doing things they shouldn’t do).


AIDS doesn’t just affect those who the “crime” of homosexuality commit;

It also afflicts IV drug users and the heterosexually profligate.

The Religious Right dislikes all these folk,

But it’s mostly gays for which they the wrath of God invoke.


That IV drug use is bad I certainly agree,

And unprotected sex (straight or gay) is of course also risky.

But that doesn’t mean that those who do these things

Deserve the death sentence that AIDS too often brings.


The best way to combat AIDS is prevention,

But the Catholic Church opposes its mention.

They oppose the use of condoms that prevents

HIV/AIDS increased incidence.


They don’t allow Catholic hospitals to take part in proven techniques

Like AIDS awareness and education weeks.

In the Philippines, the ironically named Cardinal Sin

Resists government efforts to promote AIDS prevention.


To me, that kind of behavior doesn’t comport

With the “culture of life” that many Catholics support.

But not all Christians are so hypocritical,

Or so wantonly political.


Terry Lynch of the Downtown Cluster of Congregations in DC

Is more like the kind of person I aspire to be.

He supports distribution of condoms where sexual activity thrives

Because, he says, “the plan is saving lives.”


But there are still too many who see AIDS as God’s rightful scourge

For those who from His sexual standards diverge.

After all, homosexuality is a sin, they say

And the payment for sin should be death… if you’re gay.


Me, I don’t believe that to be true.

After all, no matter how  they the Bible construe,

Jesus already died for me and for you.

And I believe, for gay people too.

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