Injunction Junction (or: Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, Don’t Enforce)

October 12th, 2010

A follow up to my earlier piece about the Log Cabin Republicans case.

The case against DADT has reached a crucial junction:

A federal judge has issueed a permanent injunction.

DADT’s original function was to allow closeted gays to serve,

But under Bush, the military didn’t the “Don’t Ask” part observe.

Judge Phillips has ruled that DADT can no longer be enforced,

And gay people can’t be from the military forced.

The Obama Administration has 60 days to appeal,

Which if they don’t means DADT’s effective repeal.

It would still be better for Congress to reverse it,

But if Congress won’t, the courts will have to coerce it.

In the meantime, the military is enjoined from DADT’s enforcement,

Which further expulsions under the policy will prevent.

The fight isn’t completely over, but DADT’s down on the ground and out cold,

And the Administration has no further obligation, that law to uphold.

DADT could potentially be resuccitated, but I doubt it…

No ifs, ands, or buts about it.


Here are Rachel’s and Keith’s 10/12/10 reports. I agree with Congressman Frank that Mr. Nicholson, though admirable for his service to our country both in and out of military service, was a little too partisan in his comments on Keith (not surprising, since Nicholson is after all a Republican).


The title and last line are inspired by this old (from my childhood days) Schoolhouse Rock educational video Conjunction Junction. I know, it doesn’t have anything to do with DADT or gay rights (although there is the one about how a bill becomes a law, the Family Guy parody of which below is an apt description of what has so far happened to legislatively repeal DADT). Either way, the song just popped into my head (and now, more than 30 years after I last heard it, it’s stuck there again). If anyone out there is ambitious enough, email me a link with your revised “Injunction Junction” song, and I’ll post it on my blog.

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