Inhofe’s Igloo (or, Snowmageddon Proves There’s No Global Warming)

February 26th, 2010

Inspired by The Cool-Earth Society (Eugene Robinson, Washington Post 2/19/10).

The Right has a view that’s very strange

That Snowmageddon proves there’s no climate change.

The competition is tough, but Senator Inhofe

Wins the climate change denier trophy.

Inhofe’s family built an igloo at Third  and Independence Southeast,

Mocking global warming’s reigning high priest.

“Al Gore’s new home,” the sign proclaimed,

As it conclusively global warming’s impact disclaimed.

The idea that it’s cold today, so there’s no global warming

Is the height of Republican misinforming.

In truth, the opposite is true,

As anyone who consumes non-biased media already knew.

Increasingly extreme weather shows climate change is already here,

And may be even worse than scientists fear.

The tipping point is upon us (or at least near),

And storms of all kind are getting more severe.

(Will Inhofe’s constituents in Oklahoma complain

When the wind really starts “roaring down the plain?”

It will give that phrase new meaning

When even more tornados start across the state careening.)

Higher average temperatures mean more evaporation,

The hydrologic cycle’s natural adaptation.

The increased moisture in clouds has to come down sometime, you know,

Which means that in winter it will come down as snow.

In other seasons it will come down as rain,

Which in some places American agriculture will sustain.

But in others, the increased evaporation

Will lead to dried out dessert in big chunks of the nation.

Senator, you may think climate change is benign,

But if it happens, Oklahoma won’t be “doin’ fine.”

Underground aquifers have already been reduced up to 250 feet.

Climate change will reduce that more, making it hard for Oakie agriculture to compete. 

(Like the song says, aren’t Oakies supposed to “belong to the land”?

If we don’t do something about climate change, that won’t be so grand.)

Exactly how bad it will be, no one can predict,

But that uncertainty doesn’t global warming science contradict.

It’s like if you run blindfolded into traffic, you might not get hit right away,

But you can be pretty sure you’ll be hit someday.

The world hasn’t seen this big a change since the glaciers’ withdrawing.

And Senator Inhofe: your igloo is already thawing.


Here’s ABC News reporting on the subject.

Here are Jon Stewart’s and Stephen Colbert’s 2/10/10 reports on how Snomageddon proves there’s no global warming.

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Here’s the oh-so-sure-of-himself Sean Hannity, speaking contemptuously of that which he does not understand (a standard Fox tactic). Sean, in spite of your giant head, you’re still an idiot.

Here’s Glenn Beck (deliberately?) misrepresenting and then mocking Dylan Ratigan’s explanation on how global warming can result in more snow. Bad news Glenn: Dylan is right, and you’re either an idiot, a liar, or both.

Here’s Rachel’s debunk of the Foxist reporting.

Here’s your theme music for today, from the musical of the same name, Oklahoma. And aren’t Oklahomans supposed to “belong to the land” (listen to the song for that line)? If we don’t do something about climate change, all that Oklahoma farmland won’t be so grand anymore…

Here’s Oklahoma News 9’s report on the “vindication” of Senator Inhofe’s views on climate. Senator, I wouldn’t be so proud to be an idiot and climate-killer if I were you. And your granddaughter was right.

And here’s Rachel’s 2/26/10 report about an anti-global warming education bill in another mid-Western Republican-dominated state there won’t be much left of if we don’t do something about climate change.

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