July 3rd, 2010

Inspired by Senator Tom Coburn’s “we’re incompetent” statement, made in late May but you can see it almost every day on MSNBC (or watch the full interview below).

“We’re incompetent. I wonder who the 23% of the American people are that trust us.” – Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK)

Truer words were never spoken.

Coburn is right that Congress is broken.

The cause for that break is clear (at least to me):

The obstructionist nay-saying GOP.

Under Bush, the Republican-controlled Congress set records for vacation,

While scrupulously ignoring the problems of the Nation.

Republicans get elected railing about what government can’t do,

And then set out to prove that that’s true.

That’s what Bush did from day one,

But with Katrina it became clear to everyone:

Bush was a complete screw up,

And it’s not surprising that by 2008 everything blew up.

And now the GOP wants another chance

To continue their corporate-leaning anti-government stance.

Returning these guys to majority in the Senate and/or House

Is like putting the foxes in charge of guarding the henhouse.

So Tom, as I’m sure Congressional Dems have pointed out,

While the truth of your statement is not in doubt,

When you’re using the royal “we,”

Just make sure it’s clear that it doesn’t include me.


Here’s Senator Coburn on Morning Joe on 5/27/10 (the “we’re incompetent” quote is at 6”20). A lot of what Senator Coburn says about the need to address our debt, future financial risk, and the reluctance of politicians to do so is correct and his willingness to criticize Repubs as well as Dems is admirable, but his unwillingness to consider raising taxes and his absurd characterization of government spending as “$350 billion in discretionary waste” is part of the problem, not part of the solution.

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4 Responses to “Incompetent”

  1. Bill D Says:

    What bothers me about that clip is that Coburn, in an unusual moment of candor for any politician, was talking about Congress in general. But when msnbc runs the clip they post his title, name, and affiliation (which were not present in the original) as if to imply that he was making some kind of commentary solely on the GOP.

  2. Newsericks Says:

    I had seen the mini-clip on MSNBC many times, and I didn’t make the assumption that Coburn was talking about the GOP being incompetent. Even from the mini-clip, it’s pretty clear that he’s criticizing the Congress as a whole, but that really is an indictment of the Dems, since they’re the majority party. Some of what Coburn said is in fact true, but what he didn’t say is that it’s been GOP obstruction that has made it difficult for the Congress to get anything done. It also is part and parcel of Republican’s propensity (started with Reagan) to attack the government as part of the problem rather than part of the solution, which is itself a very harmful trend.

    So, while I agree with you that the full clip does provide more context (which is why I included it), I disagree that many people would assume his comment is solely about the GOP. I do appreciate your comment though.

  3. Newsericks Says:


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