Inception (or: Your Mind is the Scene of the Crime)

December 20th, 2010

I saw the movie a few nights ago, so here are some thoughts on it, somewhat along the lines of my earlier piece Genius Envy.

“What is the most resilient parasite? An idea. A single idea from the human mind can build cities. An idea can transform the world and rewrite all the rules.” – Leonardo DiCaprio in Inception

Glenn Beck is so beloved by the Teabagger crowd

Because he makes them think they’re with great wisdom endowed.

He presents his viewers that carefully crafted illusion

By spoon feeding them “facts” that lead to an obvious conclusion.

Psychological research conclusively shows

The reason for the impact of Glenn Beck’s shows:

The things that are most deeply believed and “known”

Are things we think we’ve figured out on our own.

That’s what happened to the “mark” in the movie Inception:

They convinced him he thought of an idea himself to complete his deception.

You can never make people think something, after all,

But making them think they thought of something themselves is the greatest trick of all.

As Aristotle said, art imitates reality,

Sometimes with serious social lethality.

As a more recent philosopher said, an idea is the world’s hardiest parasite,

And the first thing you need, the mob to incite.

You also need a medium, that idea to convey,

And nothing beats radio and TV shows that are on every day.

Fox lets Glenn implant his ideas into millions of brains,

A very useful trick during political campaigns.

The election’s over, but Fox is like a campaign ad, on full time.

The mind control they exercise is not just wrong, it’s a crime.

And just like in the movie, it is possible to do inception.

With Fox News, it’s the rule, not the exception.

But like in the movie, if you confuse what’s real with the dream,

You end up trapped in limbo, and your views get more and more extreme.


Here’s the trailer for the movie from which this post takes its name. “Your mind is the scene of the crime” was the movie’s original tagline.


Here’s your theme music, One Simple Idea from the Inception soundtrack.

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  1. Newsericks » Blog Archive » The Pause that Enmeshes Says:

    […] Here’s the new AFP “So Many Things” ad (the pause is near the end). Even giving AFP the benefit of the doubt regarding Tracy’s authenticity (she could be an actor and/or reading an AFP-approved script), the pause had to be deliberate (it might even has been edited in, given that there’s a change in the camera angle right before she says “reelection”). Either they told her to pause like that, or they did numerous takes of her and other disillusioned Obama voters from which they chose that single take to air. It’s brilliant, because the dog whistle is deniable, and won’t even be noticed by many (or most) of those who hear it. Their minds will just fill in the hidden message without even realizing that they’ve done so, and that message will be even more ingrained because they’ll think they thought it up themselves. […]

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