In the NOM of Morality

March 30th, 2012

It’s recently come to light (watch the MSNBC reports below) that the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) was targeting churches in order to create a wedge issue between gays and minorities.


All is allegedly fair in love and war,

But not when morality’s supposedly what you’re fighting for.


I get that you love marriage, and that’s great,

But so much you do seems motivated by bigotry and hate.


We’ve just learned that one of your highest priorities

Has been to spread that bigotry to minorities.


By your own shocking (but inadvertent) admission,

You want to split them off from the Democratic Coalition.


Sorry, NOM, but when a cynical ‘s “secret plan” becomes known,

It’s chance of succeeding is pretty much blown.


Here’s MSNBC’s 3/30/12 report on NOM’s cynical effort to make marriage equality a wedge issue between gays and minorities within the Democratic Party.

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