In the Land of Women

December 5th, 2009

As reported in “Mixed doubles anyone?” (Washington Post 12/04/09), Obama was criticized a few months back for his all-male pick-up basketball games and golf outings. As the article points out, the male preponderance may be due to the fact that most (68%) of the high-level staff appointed and confirmed so far are male (still, that’s better than Bush’s 74%). Or, it may just be (feminist readers, friends, and family,  please don’t be mad at me for saying this) because he just likes to go out with the guys every once in a while.

President Obama is just like me:

He lives in a household of females (three).

He’s got a wife and two daughters (as do I),

So maybe sometimes he just wants to be a guy.


Women like to “go out with the girls” now and then,

So why shouldn’t guys get to go out with the men.

I love my daughters and my wife,

But sometimes one needs a break to avoid family strife.


Maybe it would have been different if we’d had a son

(Then it wouldn’t always be three against one).

Of course, I wouldn’t trade either of my daughters for anything,

But I wonder if by not having I son I didn’t miss something.


So please, give the man a break—

Let him have an afternoon with the guys, for goodness sake!


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