In the Land of Women 2

December 15th, 2009

A follow-up (of sorts) to our earlier post. As reported in “Sex bias probe in colleges’ selections” (Washington Post 12/14/09), some colleges are now admitting a higher share of male than female applicants. Discrimination? Maybe, depending on how you look at it. But the reason the universities say they’re doing it is because they’re already majority-female (the national average is about 60-40) and they’re getting far more qualified female than male applicants. So what’s a college admissions director (many of whom are women) to do?


I’ve believed for a while women will take over the world,

Which doesn’t bother me that much (I have two young girls).

But I do worry about the effect on society as a whole,

And that if current trends continue, men won’t have much of a role.


The male of our species evolved through natural selection

To provide his family with physical protection.

Back in caveman days, it was crucial to be bigger and stronger,

But those factors aren’t as important any longer.


The factors that contribute to modern success

Seem much more commonly in women to coalesce.

People used to think women were inferior,

But it turns out that in many ways they’re superior.


Women are often more emotionally and socially mature,

Which helps personal and communal success to ensure.

And women are at least as smart as men (some would say more),

Which they’ve now proven in the jobs they were kept out of before.


Women also have a more cooperative work style,

While men tend to be more competitive (or even hostile).

And in this post-industrial age, jobs that require male brawn

Are increasingly outsourced to China, or gone.


These differences take root at a very young age,

When girls more fully in academics engage.

Girls also favor more cooperative play,

While boys are more likely to play video games all day.


One of the advantages men used to possess

Was playing team sports after school and during recess.

Thanks to the popularity of girls’ soccer and Title IX,

Girls can now the same advantages find.


A Chinese proverb says “women hold up half the sky,”

But many American women can argue that doesn’t apply.

Studies show that even where wives have full-time work,

They’re often still the ones that do most of the housework.


The average man may still be better at killing spiders and fixing stuff,

But for society to work, is that enough?

What happens when the man is no longer chief breadwinner,

But still expects his wife to come home and cook him dinner?


How we men envy the regal lion,

Who spends most of his day around the den lyin’.

While the lioness does all the hunting,

His only job is other male lions confronting.


But getting back to the question at hand,

About which some an investigation demand.

At issue are the discrepancies

Between male and female acceptance rates at universities.


For a lot of the schools, the difference was small

(1-2% is hardly any difference at all).

But for some (like William and Mary) the difference was significant:

43% of the men got in and 71% of the women didn’t.


Admissions staff say they do it to maintain diversity,

Since students aren’t attracted by a single-sex university.

At least some of the female applicants don’t seem to care,

Because they don’t want to go somewhere with “too many girls” there.


But the main problem isn’t that college girls can’t get dates,

The problem is there are too few qualified male candidates.

“There are not enough men in the pipeline,” the U Richmond dean of admissions said

(Many of them get a job, join the Army, or go to prison instead).


Can we do something to make this “problem” go away?

Try to change the world back, reactionaries say

(Their pat response when things aren’t going their way),

But I think we should let the chips fall where they may.


If the women are better, by all means admit them

(If the men’s applications aren’t granted, they can always re-submit them).

Regarding the broader social problem, I’m not sure,

But I don’t think women will go back to being meek and demure.


One thing I’m sure of is that we all need to adapt–

We can’t just let ourselves by traditions be trapped.

Making full use of all individuals is society’s hinge.

Hopefully, men can evolve to meet the challenge.

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