In Memoriam

September 11th, 2009

September 11, 2001
If that one day could be undone.
The Hell unleashed, the lives taken
Our Nation attacked, our security shaken.

The terrorists wanted to make us cower.
They thought our country without power.
Their action had the opposite effect.
As we united our Nation to protect.

The volunteers swarmed
The World stood behind us.
We’re all Americans
Things like this remind us.

We strike back in justice.
A terrorist haven is ended.
The Nation in action,
The Nation defended.

In Afghanistan the war goes on
It’s hard to say for yet how long.
The end will come we know not when,
But It’s a war we’ve got to win.

We must not forget that fateful day.
Two towers, the Pentagon, and a field in PA.
Our soldiers fight so we can say
America is free, and free will stay.

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