Immigration Town Hall (or, Dare to DREAM)

November 16th, 2010

Inspired by Lawrence O’Donnell’s really fantastic special show on illegal immigration (watch it below).

“Every new wave of immigrants makes America’s face more beautiful.” – NYU Prof. Marcelo Suarez-Orozco

Lawrence, kudos on your special report

On an issue of great import.

What you did was real balanced and fair.

You did something that Fox wouldn’t dare.

You presented both sides of a complex situation

That make it so difficult to address illegal immigration.

You remind enforcement-firsters that “illegals” are people too,

Not that different than me and you.

For reform proponents like me you show the other side isn’t just ignorant bigots

Or Fox-deluded racist nuts.

(Though there are plenty of those extremists around,

You didn’t cheapen yourself by letting even one those views propound.)

We’re a nation of immigrants, in case you forgot.

It’s complicated and difficult, but one thing is not.

Do something for those kids for whom this debate isn’t abstract.

Let’s get it together to pass the DREAM Act.


Here’s the first segment of Lawrence O’Donnell’s 11/16/10 special show about illegal immigration (click here to watch the rest on And Rosario—I’m impressed: serious brains and beauty, and I have to say the perfect illustration of Prof. Suarez’s statement. (Maria Teresa, you’re no slouch either.)

Here’s Maria Teresa Kumar again on 11/11/10 discussing the DREAM Act.

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