Immigration Accusation (or, Here We No Again)

April 28th, 2010

Inspired by Rachel’s 4/27/10 report (watch that and other video below) on how Republicans are simultaneously both defending Arizona’s new profiling law as a desperate response to the irresponsible lack of federal action, AND continuing to block federal action.

You complain about federal inaction,

And simultaneously block federal action.

This adds new meaning to the Party of No.

Is there any length to which you won’t go?

There isn’t, it would seem,

But it surprises even me you went to this extreme.

There’s a term for this Republican strategy:

It’s called (simply put) hypocrisy.


Here’s Rachel’s 4/27/10 “Here We No Again” report (kudos for the titular inpiration).

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Here are Jon Stewart’s and Stephen Colbert’s 4/26/10 reports.

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