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April 29th, 2012

Inspired by Economy continues on path of growth (Peter Whoriskey, Washington Post 4/29/12 A1), UK officially back in recession after 0.2 percent Q1 contraction (WashingtonPost.com 4/27/12), and Up’s report this morning on the British economy’s austerity-induced fall back into recession.


Further proof that not only are GOP policies what got us into this economic mess,

But that their “solution” would only the economy further depress.


TheUSis recovering, in spite of the recession’s Republican creators,

While theUK, having adopted the GOP’s austerity, craters.


I have to admit that Republicans are right–

Their policies would end the recession all right.


The GOP’s plan to end the Republican recession?

Turn it into another Great Depression.


Here’s Up’s 4/29/12 report and discussion. The UK economy is now doing worse than at the same point during the Great Depression, and that’s the GOP’s solution to America’s economic problems? Actually, the GOP’s “plan” is even worse than David Cameron’s, since he appears to be at least trying to reduce the UK’s budget deficit. The GOP’s plan, on the other hand, would couple public sector austerity and spending cuts that hurt the working and middle classes with further massive tax cuts accruing mostly to the rich and super-rich. Paul Ryan proposed (and House Republicans overwhelmingly passed) $4.6 trillion in tax cuts, while Romney has done him one better with $5 trillion in tax cuts, again mostly for the wealthy.

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PS: For those too young to get the titular reference, it’s to this famous and excellent pop-psychology book, first published in 1967.


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