I’m Spartacus!

February 2nd, 2010

Inspired by Sprtakis69 and his many excellent comments on HuffPost.

     Spartacus, this poem is for you

And what you (and others) for the country do.

     Like the historic Spartacus, you stand up for what’s right,

And when necessary, you fight.

Not with fists or guns, but with a keyboard

(Which like the pen, is mightier than the sword).

     I’m guessing “69” is your birth year (rather than your favorite activity),

Which makes you about a decade younger than me.

I guess that also makes you the next generation

Currently taking over our Nation.

     Like the slave rebellion which Spartacus lead,

I sometimes worry about the outcome of the political year ahead.

I occasionally feel we Liberals are also fighting a losing campaign,

And that we soon stand to lose all our recent political gain.

     Are we over-matched by the power of right wing legions,

Which seem to increasingly confine us to shrinking blue regions?

How can we not look forward to November with dread,

When even Massachusetts starts turning red?

     But Spartacus’s advantage in opposing Roman might

Was his and his followers’ conviction that they were right.

That’s a conviction that we Liberals must strengthen

Especially if the odds against us continue to lengthen.

     In the end, the slave rebellion was crushed and many people died

(Most of them, unfortunately, crucified).

Let’s hope that ours doesn’t share a similar fate

(More economic recovery would be great).

     But if we do go down, then let’s go down fighting,

Not meekly like lambs our own destruction inviting.

At least that way we’ll know what we stand for

And what we were willing to take a stand for.

     Hopefully nine months is enough time for the economy to rebound,

And Obama’s performance last Friday proves that our policies are sound.

And with people like Sprtakis69 joining in,

I think there’s a chance that we just might win.

     But like in the movie’s most famous scene,

Our strength is not just in one leader supreme.

Our strength is in each and every one of us,

And that we each stand up and shout “I’m Spartacus!”


The new Spartacus looks good, an apparent combination of the original,  Gladiator, and 300 (there was also a Spartacus TV miniseries). Watch the preview below, or preorder the DVD from our Amazon store.

Here’s the big scene from the original.

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