July 9th, 2014

Inspired by Sarah Palin’s strange notions about impeachment.

Sarah Palin seems to be under the impression that the process of impeachment involves guns.

“Americans, Congress, those who are concerned about protecting our Constitution and using the one tool that Congress has to halt what is going on, this lawlessness coming from the top, the one tool they have are articles of impeachment. Let’s get going on that. And it’s not necessarily, Sean, a lawsuit being filed by Congress because you don’t bring a lawsuit to a gunfight. And there’s no place for lawyers on the front line.” – Sarah Palin interview with Sean Hannity

Sarah Palin seems to think impeachment is done

Not with lawyers, but with a gun.

Sorry Sarah, but impeachment is done by lawyers too,

And not with a 22.


Here‘s the Ed Show’s 7/09/14 discussion of Sarah Palin’s impeachment crusade and Speaker John Boehner’s attempt to assuage his Tea Party wing with a mere lawsuit (hence Palin’s disdain).

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