If the Shirt Fits… (or, Tea Partiers are Mean)

March 17th, 2010

Inspired by the downright meanness of the Teabaggers in this Hardball report (watch the video below).

Yesterday the Teabaggers came to DC

And put on a display of their cruelty.

Behavior like this is just obscene.

What is it about teabaggers that makes them so mean?

A man sat beside them on the ground.

They did everything but physically kick him around.

The man has Parkinson’s, you see.

He sat there with his sign, silently.

His sign was in favor of healthcare reform

Which made him the immediate center of a hate storm.

They demeaned him and berated him.

Oh, how they hated him.

He represented everything that they detested

(Back home, he’d probably have been arrested).

He was a freeloader, someone who wasn’t willing to work

Never mind he had Parkinson’s – they still went berserk.

America, this is the battle for healthcare, right here,

Between the two sides, and the difference is clear:

One callous and cruel, the other needing a hand,

And now you’ve had a chance to see it first-hand.

It’s just a minority, and they got carried away,

Their defenders in the GOP will say.

This is behavior one can only condemn

(And this is how they behave with cameras on them).

And for you teabaggers (you know who you are),

Whether you’re from near or far,

Next time your brethren come to DC,

I’d prefer that you not be a returnee.

But if you do (it’s a free country, even when that hurts),

Don’t forget to bring along your (brown) shirts.


Here’s the Hardball 3/17/10 report with the mean teabaggers.


Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

This is a comparison I’ve never used before in my blog. It’s over-used (particular by the Teabaggers and their spiritual leader, Glenn Beck). But in this case, if the (brown) shirt fits, wear it. No, I’m not comparing this or anything else Teabaggers have done to the Holocaust: it doesn’t compare by a million miles. The comparison that I’m trying to make is to the hatred and cruelty that these guys exhibited, and that was exhibited by the brown shirts on a daily basis. And no, they didn’t beat him up, but the level of hatred and antagonism wasn’t far from that.

PS: I tried to find a video clip of Nazi brown shirts beating someone up but couldn’t. If you know of one, email me at Newsericks@gmail.com, or mention it in a comment and I’ll add it.

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