I Predicted It!

August 12th, 2012

A follow-up to The First Rule About Romneycare, Andrea Saul’s Roadside Conversion, Romney Picks Ryan, and President Paul Ryan.


“@Hardball_Chris: @AndreaMSaul ‘s flub makes it more likely Mitt will pick s/o like Ryan to shore up his base.” – Newsericks8/09/12
“The Right immediately called for Saul’s head.
Maybe Mitt will give them VP Ryan instead.”


When Andrea Saul made her heretical Romneycare flub,

That greatly increased the chances that Mitt Paul Ryan his VP would dub.


And while it’s possible Mitt would have chosen Ryan anyway,

Distracting from Andrea’s flub may have been why he announced it yesterday.


Just remember, GOP and Mitt:

I actually thought of and predicted it!


So if you liked that proposal,

I’ll put my other ideas at your disposal.


I will of course stay an Obama proponent,

But if you adopt some of my ideas you might be a stronger opponent.


(You’ll find that many are non-partisan in both substance and tone,

And hence meant not to appeal to Democrats alone.)


Of course, I wasn’t the only one to predict the increasing likelihood of Ryan’s vice presidential coronation. Here’s the Last Word’s 8/08/12 analysis, with Alex Wagner subbing for Lawrence.

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