I Hate You, Kyl (or, Where Did PAYGO Go?)

July 12th, 2010

Senator Jon Kyl has his own PAYGO interpretation

Which defies rational explanation.

Kyl says offsets are only necessary when increasing spending,

But not to keep the Bush tax cuts for the rich from ending.

Republicans have been going on and on about the debt,

So this is the clearest indication of Republicans’ true colors yet.

During the Bush years, they proved they were deficit spending fools,

Totally apathetic to PAYGO rules.

Now, they’re taking fiscal irresponsibility to a new extreme,

Showing that the wealthy over everything else reign supreme.

It’s not news that the super-rich have Republicans in their thrall,

But Senator Kyl, I think I hate you most of all.


Here’s Countdown’s 7/12/10 “Worst Persons” report (including a great intro about rightist historical revisionism and Kevin Buck): Kyl wins.

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Here’s a classic song from the excellent series from which this post takes its name.

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