I Am Number Four (or: Will Newt Make it to the Senior Prom?)

December 13th, 2011

Inspired by the movie of that name, which I watched on Showtime last night.


In looking for a date, the GOP base has gone through candidates a dozen,

Rather than be forced to go to the prom with that annoying cousin.


Newt is number 4 on the listy

(And that’s not even counting the infatuations with Trump and Christie).


Numbers 1-3 flamed out, and Newt’s powers increased.

Now that he leads has the round robin ceased?


1-3 crashed and burned under the media’s (supposedly) relentless barrage.

Luckily for Newt, he was there waiting with his corsage.


Here’s a scene from the movie that inspired our title (it’s playing on Showtime this month). As befits our prom theme, it’s a teen love movie (think Twilight with extraterrestrials instead of vampires), but I have to admit, I enjoyed it as well. (If you have a tween or teen daughter as I do, this is a good movie to watch with her.)

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