How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying (At Least Temporarily)

March 28th, 2011

Inspired by ‘How to Succeed’: A revival that doesn’t  (Peter Marks, Washington Post 3/28/11). Marks didn’t like the new revival of the classic musical. How about a revival for American manufacturing?

“When confronted with energy-efficiency regulations, Japanese companies hired engineers to achieve them. American companies hired lobbyists to get rid of them.” – something someone who worked at an American company once told me (he wanted to change things)
“Rent-seeking: The using up of real resources in an effort to secure the rights to economic rents that arise from government policies.” — Deardorffs’ Glossary of International Economics (Republicans oppose rent-seeking, except when they and their supporters are the ones getting the goodies)


How do you succeed in business without really trying,

Or with applicable laws and regulations complying?

All it takes is a little lying

And lots and lots of influence buying.

Not that I’m implying

That we shouldn’t on free markets be relying.

We should, in spite of GOP decrying

That liberals the free market are defying

(Instead socialism to implement trying),

And Big Business’s constant crying

That having any regulation is much too trying.

Not true: Regulation’s reasonable applying

(And corporations’ complying)

Is what keeps a free market economy flying,

And politicians that deny that are lying.

(Of course, a big reason for the denying

Is the campaign finance Big Business is supplying.)

Perhaps our economic problems’ cause underlying

Is that business spends too much time politicians buying

And then on them and their goodies relying

That it forgets about its actual business plying.

Maybe that’s why noone US-made goods is buying,

American manufacturing is dying,

China for economic dominance is vying,

And the GOP (their patriotism belying)

With foreign business interests is allying.



Here’s your theme music from the musical that inspired Peter Mark’s review and our title, How to, performed by Robert Morse (he was also the star in the Broadway show).

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