How Old Are You?

August 4th, 2010

Part 2 of our Happy Birthday, Mr. President couplet.

Since it’s the President’s birthday, I must to this subject return:

The Birthers in their questions are missing a crucial concern.

They question where Obama was born again and again,

But have totally ignored the question of when.

The Constitution requires presidents to be 35,

But how can we be sure Obama since before 1975?

Remember how young he looked during the campaign?

Why hasn’t anyone tried his true age to ascertain?

Sure, he looks like he’s aged during his 18 months as Pres,

By why should we believe he’s as old as his “birth certificate” says.

These days it’s easy, a fake document to create,

And have you noticed how much the six in 1961 looks like an eight?

If we doubt one thing, why shouldn’t we doubt the other?

Who knows–maybe Michelle is really Obama’s mother!

(I don’t know why some people allegedly on the right,

Accept the convenient story that his mother was white.)

Remember the song has a second verse too–

The Left wants us to forget that, but I haven’t. Have you?

Why won’t the President his true age disclose?

Who knows how far the cover-up goes!


Here’s this evening’s Hardball report on the far right’s success in convincing many Americans that Obama may not be an American citizen. Why doesn’t Chris mention the possibility that Obama isn’t really 35 years old? Is it a left-wing media cover up?

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