How Many? (or: Hey, Hey, NRA…)

January 23rd, 2011

Inspired by McCarthy Bill Would Ban Common Self-Defense Magazines (NRA 1/21/11), and Va. data show drop in criminal firepower during assault gun ban (Washington Post 1/23/11).

Hey, hey, NRA

How many kids did you kill today?

How many people must be murdered or hurt

Because you the right to buy high capacity magazines assert?

How many criminals or crazy people will get a gun

Because you think that “right” can’t be taken from anyone?

How many must die before you care

And admit that every gun doesn’t belong everywhere?

How many more massacres are required

Before you admit that some regulation is required.

How many rounds must a magazine hold

Before you agree that it shouldn’t to civilians be sold?

How many will finally be enough

Before you even minimal measures don’t rebuff?

How many more innocents have to die

Before you your most extreme elements defy?

How many more nine year olds must we bury

Before you say extended magazines aren’t necessary?

How many more deaths will it take

Before we your stranglehold on gun policy


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