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December 10th, 2009

Inspired by Health reform’s heavy lifting (Washington Post 12/09/09) and Ezra Klein’s excellent blog posts “Freshmen senators spending too much time on issues, not enough time chasing headlines” and “Mark Pryor makes the health insurance exchanges a bit more like” ( 12/07/09).


Republicans, this is for you.

This is what amendments are supposed to do.


All of the amendments which you’ve

Proposed have not been to improve.


Instead, they’ve been to destroy,

And if they can’t, at least annoy.


Here instead are some samples

Which you should emulate as examples.


First, from Sen. Mark Pryor,

Online consumer feedback for the healthcare insurance buyer.

It may seem a small thing,

But why not bring

The same efficiency and feedback for healthcare

That you get when buying underwear?


Second is Mark Warner’s “Value and Innovation” package

(Two ideas that are all the rage).

We’ll save money and improve quality with bundling and results-based care

As the chart below allows one to compare.


Is there something in common you discern,

What one might call a pattern?


I don’t mean that both share the same first name–

The pattern is that neither’s from the Party of Blame.


Both Warner and Pryor are Democrat.

What do you know, and how about that!


Can it be just a coincidence

That one party moves forward while the other prevents,


That one has visionaries and the other malcontents,

That one is constructive and the other merely dissents,


That one works to improve and the other laments,

That one cooperates while the other resents?


A coincidence? I don’t think so.

But what else do you expect from the Party of No?

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