Houston, You Have No Problem

January 3rd, 2010

Inspired by Houston Voters May Elect Openly Gay Mayor (Huffington Post 12/12/09), Houston elects first openly gay mayor (Washington Post 12/14/09), Houston now nation’s largest city with gay mayor (HuffingtonPost 1/03/10), and Majority of Texans support civil unions or gay marriage (Dallas Voice 6/29/09), and the swearing in today of Annise Parker, Houston’s first openly gay mayor.

Congratulations, Annise Parker

For putting down you marker.

Texas is usually the subject of much liberal gall

(It’s Governor has suggested succession, after all).

But Houston has done its part to make Texas a liberal player

By becoming the largest US city with an openly gay mayor.

Anti-gay activists and the Religious Right opposed her,

But the people of Houston none-the-less chose her.

They didn’t fall for the anti-gay trope

Perpetrated by the Religious Right and Party of Nope.

After mailings condemning Parker’s “homosexual behavior”

With the Religious Right riding in as the anti-gay savior,

Urging voters to reject her because of her gay and lesbian endorsement,

Houston voters responded with a message well sent.

Houston is about 25% black and 33% Hispanic

(Almost 60%, so some right-wing whites are starting to panic),

Giving lie to the assertion of the right-wing pious

That minorities share their anti-gay bias.

But lest rightists reply that the trend’s just Houston-based,

Note a majority of Texans civil unions or gay marriage have embraced.

These two things together are evidence of a trend

That legal discrimination against Texas gays may be coming to an end.

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