Hostage Rescue 101

December 8th, 2010

A follow up to my earlier piece, Ransom (or, click here for the rest of the Bush tax cut series).

According to the hostage rescue instruction manual,

President Obama did just what they teach in hostage negotiator school:

Give hostage takers what they want until hostages are out of harm’s way,

Then give them what they deserve (still justice, in spite of the delay).

If hostage-takers want something to eat, deliver take-out,

Then when you have the shot, take them out.

If they want a plane, give it to them,

And when they release the hostages, give it to them.

As countless hostage movies have portrayed,

Hostage negotiators always insist that the ransom be paid.

Then they keep the hostage takers in their sights during and after the exchange,

And terminate with extreme prejudice when conditions change.

The good guys (Dems) need to take the long view,

Even if that means (temporarily) doing what Republicans want them to.

We may not be able to do anything now,

But we can wait and get payback when conditions allow.

I’m not advocating actual violence, just the political version thereof,

Since the hostage taking analogy fits Repubicans like a glove.

After what they’ve done, it’s what they’ve got coming,

And if there’s justice in the world, it will be forthcoming.

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