December 18th, 2012

Inspired by Rep. Carolyn McCarthy’s appearance on the Ed Show tonight to discuss the Newtown shooting and the need for national action on gun safety


“I’m a nurse. I look at things holistically.” – Rep. Carolyn McCarthy tonight on Ed


Things have gotten worse than ever before,

And people realize we have to do more.


Should we do gun safety measures and control,

Or should mental health professionals play a greater role?


Should police departments be better equipped and trained

To allow “active shooters” to be more quickly contained?


Should we improve gun owner safety education,

Or require national background checks and registration?


Gun owners and politicians, there’s good news:

You don’t even have to chose.


We’re going to have to do it all

Future massacres to forestall.


How much better to look at things holistically

Than to look at them ballistically?


Here’s Rep. McCarthy tonight on the Ed Show.

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