Hold the Door Open (or: The question isn’t WHETHER we’ll see Hodor again, it’s what he’ll look like when we do)

May 23rd, 2016

Spoiler alert: If you haven’t seen Season 6 Episode 5 yet, this post will reveal some of what happens in it. If you have seen it, read on…unless you don’t want to know what might happen next. What follows are not spoilers, since I have no inside knowledge of what’s going to happen next. These are merely predictions based on plot analysis. The may be right, or they may be wrong. Either way, I think they’re plausible, and I’d say likely, given the various hints that have been made.


All that grabbing

And the stabbing

Sure make it seem

Like Hodor’s dead.


Meanwhile, I’m coping,

And of course still hoping

That he’ll come back

Alive instead.


Was Hodor killed

In that walker attack…

Or will they hold the door open

To bringing him back?


For all the GoT fans out there who were greatly saddened (as was I) by the emotionally wrenching conclusion of S6E5 (“The Door”), don’t worry: I think that the odds are pretty good that Bran and Meera (and the rest of us) will see our favorite gentle giant again. But will he be the same Hodor/Willis that we all know and love, or will he have…changed?

The answer is maybe, and…yes.

To clarify, we did not see Hodor die. We assume he died because of the gravity of his situation, but that assumption is misplaced, given the precarious situations that so many of our heroes have survived in the past, not to mention the ones who have actually survived dying!

The best evidence that Hodor actually did die is that as the walkers were busting through the door and grabbing/stabbing him, Willis became increasingly frantic, until finally be stopped screaming and became catatonic. One explanation (the most likely one, actually) for that is because that was the moment when future Hodor died, so no more screaming. Another explanation is that…Oh, I don’t know. Maybe Willis just passed out, or slipped into a coma because of the strain and that broke the connection.

If Hodor did in fact die, then the only way he’ll be coming back is as a walker, since it’s unlikely that the Red Woman or Thoros of Myr will happen by to bring him back to life. But, if he didn’t die, then we could be seeing him again alive and well, though I predict he’ll be a changed Hodor…

Here’s my upcoming scene prediction:

I predict that a few episodes from now (they may even stretch it out to the season finale, though probably not that long), Bran and Meera will be sitting at their campfire in a little clearing in the woods. It’s cold and dark. The ground’s covered with snow, and they can’t see anything beyond the small circle of light that their fire generates. Suddenly, they hear a noise in woods. It gets closer and closer: something is coming towards them, and they can tell form the sound that it’s something big. Meera picks up her improvised spear and gets ready to fight. She tells Bran to find something to warg into, but he says “no, I won’t leave anyone else to die alone.” Then, an enormous figure emerges from the dark forest. Bran stammers out “Hodor?”

Hodor’s hulking figure stands there, silently, for what seems like an eternity. We can’t see his eyes (the camera angle is from behind, the side, or maybe it starts at his feet and works upwards), so we don’t know if he’s alive or undead. He stands there, silent, and then he says:

“My name is Willis.”

Exactly when (if at all) will this happen? Not sure, but If during the “previously” segment, they show the “hold the door” scene, then you’ll know that the big reveal about Hodor is going to happen in that episode. They may also tease us about this prior to the big reveal by showing vignettes of a large figure shambling through the snow. We won’t see the figures face, but from the size of the feet and legs, we’ll think it’s Hodor. The show writers will of course want us to think that he’s a reanimated corpse (and maybe he is), but you and I will know the truth! (Or, what I hope will turn out to be the truth, anyway.)

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