Hoekstra, Hoekstra, Read All About It

January 11th, 2010

Inspired by The Hypocrisy of “Patriots” (Pete Hoekstra.com 1/08/10), Maybe Congressman Hoekstra is Listening! (Pete Hoekstra.com 1/09/10), Losers of the Week (Fox 4 KC 1/10/10), Race is on to replace Pete Hoekstra in Congress (AP via Detroit News 1/10/10), and of course by Congressman (for now) Hoekstra’s own incisive comments, including the following:

“Early on in this administration I think that this administration sent a clear signal that they believed that the threat to the homeland was not as significant as what it really is. [Department of Homeland Security Secretary] Janet Napolitano said we’re not going to talk about terrorism we’re going to talk about manmade disasters. That was a mistake,” he added. Hoekstra on Underwear Bomber: “We Missed Him at Every Step” (ABCNews.com 12/28/09). 

Congressman Hochstetter (didn’t you used to be a Major?)–

You really think it’s because Napolitano isn’t talking about terrorism enough that we’re in danger?

Obama officials don’t talk about terror as much as Bush-Cheney did, I admit.

But then Bush and Cheney were constantly scaring Americans for their own political benefit.

     I find it ironic that Obama is the object of your smears

When you were the House Intelligence Committee chair for four key years.

It’s funny that you and your idol don’t bear any blame

For the security problems that you so righteously defame.

     That’s nice that you’re running for Michigan Gov,

But it’s too bad the press isn’t showing you much love.

When even a local Fox station calls you a loser it’s pathetic

(And just because http://www.petehoekstra.com/ was snapped up by a critic).

     When you were first elected you promised to leave after your sixth term,

So leaving after 9 that commitment doesn’t quite reaffirm.

You also promised you’d never take PAC money,

But broke that promise so fast it wasn’t funny.

     I can’t say I’ll be sorry to see you go

(I’m not a big supporter of your views or approach, you know).

So even though your seat’s safe for the GOP,

I’m hoping your successor won’t be such a slavish Bushie.

     And if you win the Governor’s race,

I hope you won’t that office similarly disgrace.

Hopefully they’ll keep you away from the State National Guard

(For you, not sending them to invade Yemen might be hard).

     PS to Cornelius: Maybe I’m being a tiny bit too critical;

After all, your recent statements have been somewhat less political.

Perhaps you realized you were being too accusatorial

(Or maybe just decided to start appearing more gubernatorial).


PPS: The reference to “Major Hochstaetter” is from the classic 1960s series Hogan’s Heroes. For more on the Underwear Bomber and other Republican reactions, read our earlier pieceAlso, here’s Keith Olbermann on 1/07/10, pointing out how inappropriate for Republicans to try to get a political “boost” out of the failed terrorist attacks, focusing in particular on Hoekstra.

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