Hit in the Face

November 26th, 2010

Dear Mr. President:

For a while, your ratings have been going south,

But today you took an elbow to the mouth.

The pounding earlier this month was historical,

But today, it became more than metaphorical.

(Unlike the personal fouls the GOP so regularly commits

And their constant barage of dirty hits,

The hit you took today wasn’t on purpose,

Whereas with Republicans that’s been their sole purpose.)

It happened when you were trying to block a shot,

Which lately seems to be happening a lot.

Maybe the lesson’s that you need to stop playing defense

And get the team back on offense.

Politics, like basketball, can be rough,

But you’re proven that you can be tough.

You’ve already shown you can take a shellacking.

Now how about counter-attacking?


For more along similarly martial lines, read my earlier posts I’m Spartacus! and Meet the Spartans.

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