Hindsight (or, Read My Hips: No New View?)

July 20th, 2011

This poem is about the interesting new trend

Of advertising on women’s rear end.


(Men don’t ever do—

There’d be no point to it.

Women’s shorts are the only place one finds writing,

Perhaps because the location is more inviting.)


The written word always draws attention,

But putting it there causes a breach in social convention.


(Even though every man is at times an offender,

We aren’t supposed to stare at the fairer gender.)


I’m a big fan of women’s sports,

And I don’t mind team names on the back of the shorts.


But if you ladies do that, it creates the temptation

For men to check out your athletic affiliation.


The words beckon me to turn my head…

After all, writing exists to be read.


I dare you, it says to the men who pass:

Take a good look at the words on my ass.


So ladies, please don’t be upset when we men succumb

And can’t keep ourselves from glancing at your belettered bum.



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