High Tea Colonic

April 1st, 2010

The Tea Party movement has shown itself to contain some seriously disgusting things. Here’s something that might fix that…

I’m not saying that Teabaggers are all a-holes,

But the movement certainly has more than its share.

It’s needs a colonoscopy

To find out what’s up there.

The Tea Party movement is full of bad things

That such movements tend to attract.

It seems to have collected all kinds of haters

In its GI tract.

Hatred and anger are toxic

To both the hater and society as a whole.

They fester and grows increasingly noxious

And sometimes come out without control.

Or, they just get stuck there,

Becoming bigger and increasingly foul.

Pain tends to make people angry and aggressive,

And not much is as painful as a crimped bowel.

So when that colonoscopy confirms

What the rest of us already know about,

The Tea Party needs a high colonic

To flush all that stuff out.

So please, Tea Party organizations,

Prove you’re not of all goodness bereft.

But if you purge all that crap from your system,

Will there be anything left?


On a more serious notes, doctors recommend that people over 50 get periodic colonoscopies, but for some reason most people (myself included, I have to admit) don’t take them up on that. Here’s Katie Couric’s groundbreaking effort to change that and dispel the myths and stigma about colonoscopies. But for some reason, I don’t think that the Tea Party’s large intestine is as “clean as a whistle” like Katie’s. Talk about too much information…

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