Hide and Seek

September 19th, 2010

Inspired by Christine O’Donnell Cancels Sunday Talk Show Appearances (Huffington Post 9/18/10) and Sarah Palin’s Advice To Christine O’Donnell: ‘Speak Through Fox News’ (Huffington Post 9/17/10).

First of all, Christine, before I begin:

The correct grammatical term is “dabbled in.”

Second, I think you were right to cancel your appearances today.

If you lay low for a while, maybe all those pesky questions will go away.

Why can’t those reporters just be nice instead?

Why do they have to keep on asking about  things you’ve said?

Like your mentor said, it’s better to avoid everyone but Fox

(Everyone else so mercilessly mocks).

But I noticed you even cancelled your appearance there.

Won’t your handlers let you go out anywhere?

One thing I have to admit about you far right political beginners:

You’re sure creating a lot of business for professional GOP spinners.

(It’s like a mini stimulus act,

Voters from the things you say to distract.)

But like I’ve said several times before,

Allowing your views to be challenged would ultimately help the Tea Party more.

(That is, if your goal’s really to develop policies that work,

Rather than just causing the collective Teabagger knee to jerk.)

Besides, when you’re out of communication,

Some of your supporters miss the source of their inspiration.

(But Mr. Big Fan, don’t forget:

There are lots of pictures and videos on the internet.)

So please, Christine, take all that into consideration

When it’s finally time to Face the Nation.

After all, a Senator can’t stay in hiding forever,

Even if you’d arguably be the worst Senator ever.


Here’s Sarah Palin on Fox advising Christine O’Donnell to appear only on… Fox. Christine did her mentor one better today and even cancelled her scheduled Fox News appearance. Even O’Reilly and Palin admit that O’Donnell’s handlers don’t want her to appear in public. I also found it amusing that Palin apparantly doesn’t even remember the name of the person (Kelly Ayotte) she endorsed in New Hampshire. And you guys are so mean to be making fun of poor Glenn Beck.

And here’s your theme music, Hide And Seek by Imogen Heap from the appropriately (for Christine) named CD, Speak For Yourself. What did she say?

Update 9/20/10: Check out Christine O’Donnell Knocked By Hosts For Backing Out Of Sunday Shows (Huffington Post 9/19/10 1:20 p.m.), which disposes of Ms. O’Donnell’s excuses for cancelling her Sunday appearances.

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