Heil Jesus? (or National Socialist Justice)

March 12th, 2010

Inspired by Glenn Beck’s statement that “social justice” is code for socialism and fascism, and that anyone who finds those two words on their church’s website should leave their church and report their pastor/priest.  Read this article for more about that, and click here to tell Glenn that you too are social justice Christian.

If what Glenn Beck said is true, then Jesus was a fascist,

A notion that I believe can be dismissed.

He did admittedly have many socialist tendencies

Which The Beck would sorely displease.

If you cut references to social justice out of the New Testament,

It wouldn’t leave much remaining content.

The few snippets that were left would just fall apart,

Since you’d have just taken out the biggest part.


Here’s Countdown’s 3/12/10 report about Glenn Beck’s statement and reactions to it.

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