Have a Little Faith

October 12th, 2012

Inspired by Ohio told poll workers’ errors shouldn’t invalidate votes (Robert Barnes,Washington Post 10/12/12 A6).


I’ve lost my faith in the GOP as an institution,

But not in America, and our Constitution.


Thank you, U.S.Court of Appeals for the 6th Circuit:

Someone had to this attack on democracy short-circuit.


Yesterday, a federal appeals court rejected the Ohio Republican Party’s law invalidating ballots cast by voters given the wrong precinct’s ballot due to poll worker error. More than 14,000 such ballots were invalidated in the 2008 election.

The three judges in the panel that unanimously ruled against the Ohio GOP were all Republicans appointed by Republican Presidents. They were upholding a lower-court ruling by a judge appointed by a Democratic President

A separate panel has overturned Ohio Republicans’ attempt to restrict in-person early voting in the three days before Nov. 6 to military voters.

Here, in honor of the 6th Circuit Court, is your theme song (one of my favorites), Have a Little Faith in Me by Joe Cocker.


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