September 20th, 2009

Once dying embers now blaze,

With memories of the good ol’ days

Replaced with malaise

And Timothy McVeighs.


When times are tough people seek scapegoats to use

(It worked for Hitler with the Jews).


Loathsome statements the hater spews,

The usual suspects does accuse,

Bias in politics to infuse.


Easy answers he reviews,

Facts and non-facts does misuse,

The easily misled to confuse.


Standards of civility he eschews,

Attracting attention by breaking taboos,

To violence he lights the fuse,

Delighting in carnage that ensues.


To the standard script he hews,

But it’s all just an empty ruse,

Power to obtain and abuse.

With active support from you, Fox News.


We’re Americans and must refuse

Our basic beliefs so to abuse.

Wild notions we must disabuse,

And bad behavior not excuse.


Our leaders are the ones we choose.

So please, no more fomenting extremist coups.

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