Happy Valentine’s Day, Women of America

February 14th, 2012

The Blunt Amendment would allow employers (even non-religious ones) to exclude coverage of any health benefit they would otherwise be required to include coverage of if they claim they have a religious or “moral” objection to it. The amendment’s supporters are on the warpath against HHS’s . Click here to sign the Planned Parenthood petition opposing it, and here for NARAL’s.


Senate Republicans chose Valentine’s Day to advance the Blunt Amendment birth control bill.

It that doesn’t prove to women that Republicans are against them, then nothing will.


Republicans, if this is what you came up with to show women you care,

Then you better for a cold (or no) reception prepare.


Women Republican Senators have expressed their disgust at this continued trend.

Could their opposition finally bring it to an end?


Perhaps if they and other Republican women withhold their “support

We could finally the Republican War on Women thwart.


Here’s President Obama’s Valentine’s Day advice to men. Unfortunately, Republican men don’t seem to have taken it. (Unless of course they thought women would appreciate further attempts to restrict their rights, and decided to “go big” on those restrictions.)

Here’s Andrea Mitchell’s Valentine’s Day report (with Chuck Todd host-subbing) on the Blunt Bill, including some clips of the floor debate.

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Here’s your theme song, Republicans expressing their true feelings for American women, followed by Lenny Kravitz’s version (also good, especially the guitar solo, but I’m a originalist so I have to admit that I prefer the Guess Who one).

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