Happy St. Patrick’s Day

March 17th, 2010

In honor of two great Irish Americans, Ted Kennedy and Barrack Obama.

“Do you not get it, lads? The Irish are the blacks of Europe. And Dubliners are the blacks of Ireland. And the Northside Dubliners are the blacks of Dublin. So say it once, say it loud: I’m black and I’m proud.” — Jimmy Rabbitte in The Commitments

Everyone’s Irish, in a way.

So here’s wishing a great St. Paddy’s Day.

To all my Irish sisters and brothers

(Some more Irish than others).

Few are more Irish than Teddy K.

I’ve talked about him before, but wanted to do it again today.

He had a long career serving our Nation

And fathered much ground-breaking legislation.

Kennedy made it his life mission

To fight for universal healthcare’s addition.

He worked tirelessly for many a year,

But died before he could add it to his stellar career.

Now the healthcare battle is almost done,

And hopefully, it will be won.

If it is, it will be a fitting memorial

To his career senatorial.

Obama’s the second Irishman I wanted to showcase,

Though you can’t tell it as easily from his face.

But he’s got more Irish blood than I do

(And maybe more than you do too).

What Obama’s Irish heritage represents

Is the opportunity and diversity that America presents.

Obama, like America, is a melting pot,

And we’re better for it than if we were not.

So President Obama, I hope you take time out tonight for a beer

(As long as it doesn’t with passing healthcare interfere).

And Senator Kennedy, I hope you have one too.

God knows, if anyone deserves it, you do.


Here’s President Obama’s St. Patrick’s Day greetings and discussion of his Irish-American roots (as reported on Hardball 3/17/10).

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Here’s the trailer for a great Irish movie, The Commitments, illustrating that Irish and blacks actually do have a lot in common.

Here’s another scene from that same movie with your theme music for today, Try a Little Tenderness (here’s the CD). No, it doesn’t have anything to do with St. Patrick’s Day, but it’s a great song.

Here’s the Otis Redding version.

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