Happy Romneycare Day (And By the Way, I’m Running)

April 12th, 2011

Inspired by Romneycare, and it’s creator, Mitt Romney.

In Massachusetts, it’s Romneycare Day.

(Sorry Mitt, but it just won’t go away.)

Today, Romneycare is five years old.

Over 98% of Massachusettians have enrolled.

In other news, Mitt Romney has insisted

He never even knew Romneycare existed.


Here’s The Last Word’s 4/11/11 report on Romney’s announcement that he’s forming an exploratory committee, possibly timed to distract attention from the five year anniversary of Romneycare.

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Unsurprisingly, likely presidential rival Mike Huckabee has been one of Romneycare’s biggest attackers, devoting several pages in his new book A Simple Government to specifically trashing it. As this article points out, many of Huckabee’s criticism are factually suspect. Here’s Fox News’ Shep Smith reporting (very unenthusiastically) about Romney’s announcement. Shep goes out of his way to (unfavorably) mention Romneycare, and even snickers a little after reading Romney’s campaign slogan.

Here’s a thank-you video that Massachusettes Dems put together for Mitt in honor of the anniversary.

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