Happy Halloween

October 31st, 2009

Inspired by “Button-down D.C. seizes the day to really wig out” (Washington Post 10/30/09) and “Robert Englund: Five Things That Scare Me” (Huffington Post 10/31/09), in which Nightmare on Elm Street‘s Freddy Krueger reveals the five things that give him nightmares.

     It’s Halloween, so the media often has fun

Coming up with a scary pun.

I guess I’ll try to do it too.

I hope that doesn’t bother you.

     Republicans conjure up bugaboos

The population to confuse,

Reasoned discourse refuse,

And Dems of horrible things accuse.

     How can we Liberals fight back?

Why of course, with a counter-attack.

That’s really all that we can do

Although pitchforks and torches might work too.

     But in a more cerebral vein,

When Arguing with Idiots it’s best if you yourself aren’t insane.

So under the category of “What Ails”

Here’s a quartet of scary tales.

     First, there’s The Monster.

That Republicans created and to which now must defer.

And like the creature created by Dr. Frankenstein,

The result’s often unpleasant when different body parts combine.

     Second, the public option’s re-animation.

Though subject of much right-wing demonization,

Liberals treat it with adulation.

Let’s hope it receives affirmation.

     Third, the US Chamber of Commerce

Which to any regulation is adverse.

So if your goal is regulation to dismember,

By all means, become a member.

     And last but not least, there’s Sarah Palin,

Who’s back with more right-wing wailin’.

She seeks to frighten her adherents

(No need to speak with coherence).

     Read them all, if you dare,

And comment on whether my criticism’s fair.

Is it good, bad, ugly, or somewhere in between?

Be nice: after all, it is Halloween.


PS: Did you get the post time reference?

PPS: The last item on Englund’s list is the movie Let The Right One In. I too saw it and thought it was excellent; horrific in an understated yet powerful kind of way. So if you haven’t seen it yet, do so.

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