Happy Earth Day To You

April 22nd, 2010

The first in a series of posts In honor of Earth Day today.

“Happy Earth Day to you.
Happy Earth Day to you.
Happy Earth Day dear planet,
Happy Earth Day to you.”

Happy Birthday to you, Mother Earth:

It’s been five thousand years since your birth.

That, at least, is what Young Earthers uphold

(I personally think it’s 4.5 billion, truth be told).

But one should never quibble about the birthday girl’s age

(After all, we don’t want Mother Nature to enrage).

Either way, Mother Earth has been around for a while,

In spite of our efforts, her environment to defile.

Earth Day is really about protecting the human race–

We may view the two as opposed, but that’s not the case.

The earth can survive without us, but we can’t survive without it.

Destroying the environment is the most self-destructive crime we can commit.

Sure, humanity’s anti-environmental rampage

Can do lots of environmental damage.

The environment and humanity are interlinked,

But the environment will recover after we’re extinct.

Like any mother, the Earth loves all her kids,

But the mother’s code showing preference forbids.

Now that humanity is fully grown,

We have to get along with our non-human siblings on our own.

So on this day commemorating the birth

Of our beloved Mother Earth,

Remember that environmental matricide

Is ultimately suicide.


Here’s your theme music for today, Earth Song by Michael Jackson.


Here’s Repower America’s Earth Day video. Energy use is by far the single biggest impact humans have on the environment. To survive as a species, we need to reduce energy use and substituting clean energy for our present dirty, carbon-intensive energy sources.

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