Happy Birthday, Mr. President

August 4th, 2010

An updated version of We Still Can in honor of the President’s birthday today.

Happy Birthday, President Obama–

It’s been a busy year.

And though others may differ,

What you’ve accomplished is clear.

We’re all getting older,

But being President seems to make people age faster.

It’s a pretty stressful job

When you’re always staving off disaster.

The other day I was watching TV

And saw a speech from your candidacy.

It was on CNN,

And you looked a lot younger then.

(Of course, the legacy you were handed

Didn’t make your job any easier,

Nor have the GOP and right wing echo chamber,

Which couldn’t be acting sleazier.)

Sorry we didn’t get you a better present–

A 53% disapproval rating is unpleasant.

It’s true a lot of people have now rejected you,

But after all, they elected you.

It’s understandable Americans are feeling bad,

And lots of people are a little mad.

9.6% unemployment doesn’t help the national mood.

Add the Republican attack machine, and you’re screwed.

Some say you should dial it back

And retreat in response to the Republican attack.

I disagree, and say keep moving forward.

The reasons, to me, are very straightforward.

The last 18 months show that whatever you do,

The far right will still attack you.

Given they’ve even opposed bills they themselves wrote

The chance they’ll reform seems remote.

As I said before, you gave Republicans more than a fair chance,

So maybe it’s time to dial back the bipartisan romance,

Maybe it’s time for some realpolitik,

To put away the carrot and get out the stick.

And like Marilyn says, thanks for all the things you’ve done

And the battles that you’ve won.

But since it’s your birthday, take it easy for a change,

Then tomorrow, we can go back to the hope and change.

And I’m glad you’ll be able to spend the day in your home town.

(Reader: That’s Chicago, not Nairobi, if you’re a Birther clown.)


Here’s your theme music for today, Mr. President. Happy birthday, and thanks.


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