Happy Anniversary

December 19th, 2009

Inspired by you, Mom and Dad.

I always remember your anniversary date

Because that was the night that you did me create.

So for that day fateful

I’m naturally grateful.

A Golden Anniversary is a great event:

Fifty years is an accomplishment.

I don’t mean to be the least bit satirical

When I say that fifty years is a miracle.

Only 5% of couples make it that long.

What was it that made your marriage so strong?

I know you’ve fought sometimes, like all married couples do,

So what was it that allowed you to make it through?

I think one of the main reasons was because

Each of you was tolerant of the other’s flaws.

You didn’t give up when things weren’t great

And you occasionally left us with a sitter to go out on a date.

For fifty years, you’d share the occasional kiss or embrace.

For fifty years, you’d still sometimes hold hands while walking someplace.

Every once in a while, I’d catch you doing that.

(Unfortunately, the odds look low that I’ll match in that.)

Why has divorce become so much more common these days?

Do we expect too much from each other nowadays?

Was life simpler back then?

Is there a way to go back again?

Did fixed gender roles make things less difficult,

And make it easier to get along as a result?

Does women’s modern economic independence

Reduce emotional interdependence?

Does the growth of our consumption civilization

Make us define marriage in terms of instant gratification?

Does our consumer way of life

Made us think that marriage must be free of strife?

Is marriage now understood

As just another consumer good?

Do we now learn on TV

That everything is and should be all about me?

I don’t know the answers to these questions,

So I’d appreciate it if you have any suggestions.

Maybe we can try again

And do better then.

So please comment below

And let me your secret know.

In the meantime, congratulations for what you’ve done.


     Your Son.


Click here to check out a book that discusses some of the issues I raise above, or here for more about what makes a marriage work.

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