Happy 21

July 21st, 2014

In honor of a certain someone’s 21st birthday today.

Happy birthday, number 1:

I can’t believe you’re 21.

To have a child that age seems unreal,

And it is a very big deal.

It’s when you become a full-fledged legal adult,

A stage in your life in which I exult.

But your adulthood is becoming more than just legal status

(Of course, at some point you need to stop living gratis).

You’ve become an adult not just legally, but in fact,

Because you’ve started like an adult to act.

I’m proud of the progress you’re making.

I’m proud of the responsibility you’re taking.

I’m proud of what you’re learning.

I’m proud of the person into whom you’re turning.

I’m proud of what you’ve shown you can do.

Daughter number one, I’m proud of you.


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