Half Right (or: The Audacity of Dope)

July 16th, 2012

A follow-up to Payoffs and Layoffs, inspired by Gretchen Carlson’s trenchant analysis this morning on Fox & Friends. Let’s say you’ve decided to employ a projection-based strategy to preemptively defang all possible attacks against you by first making them against your opponent. What do you do if someone notices?  You accuse them of projection, of course, or have one of your surrogates do it. 


“It’s almost as if the Obama camp is saying things of Romney that they themselves are guilty of.” — Gretchen Carlson on Fox & Friends this morning
 “It seems as if the Founding Fathers are just blatantly copying the clothes and language of the Tea Party. How can they get away with that?” – Gretchen on American history?



Gretchen made an excellent point on Fox today–

She actually figured something out, halfway.


She got the sequence of events a little confused

In that she Obama rather than Romney of projection accused.


Could using someone of Gretchen’s intellect to test this message

A future Romney campaign talking point presage?


When you think about it, Gretchen’s phrasing

Is really pretty politically amazing.


Republicans projecting weaknesses onto someone else may be Pavlovian,

But blaming that projection on your opponent? That’s purely Rovian!


In fact this tactic’s so diabolical, Turdblossom must have designed it,

And American Crossroads must be behind it.


Or maybe Gretchen did think of it herself, with heretofore hidden mental capacity.

Is she Romney’s newest spokesperson? Now that would be audacity!


Here’s a video clip of Gretchen’s observation, courtesy of the Daily Show’s Moment of Zen. This is the only example of double-projection I’ve ever seen in all my years of observing politics. If you can think of another one, please leave a comment below.

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