Gun Nuts

April 19th, 2010

A follow-up to Protecting the First Amendment?, inspired by Armed and angry, and demonstrating on the capital’s edge (Washington Post 4/19/10), Advocates carry handguns, rifles at Va. rally, and 50 gather at Va. gun rally ( 4/19/10).

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” – US Constitution, Second Amendment
“It is hereby declared to be unlawful for any person to carry deadly weapons, concealed or otherwise within the limits of the City of Tombstone. This prohibition does not extend to persons immediately leaving or entering the city, who, with good faith, and within reasonable time are proceeding to deposit, or take from the place of deposit such deadly weapon. All fire-arms of every description, and bowie knives and dirks, are included within the prohibition of this ordinance.” — Tombstone, AZ Ordinance No. 9, April 19, 1881
“We handle tens of thousands of demonstrations of a First Amendment nature annually, and we are handling this event no differently than any of the others.” – US Park Police spokesman Dave Schlosser commenting on the armed demonstrations
“What is it that you’re trying to say with the guns? Are you trying to pose a threat to the government? Is it meant to be violent?” – Interview question to open carry rally organizer Daniel Almond (watch the video below)
 “Not necessarily.” –Almond’s response

In ancient Rome, armed legions were not allowed to enter the city–

They knew mixing politics and the threat of force wasn’t pretty.

The reason why is no mystery,

And it’s been that way throughout history.

In colonial America, people carried around their muskets and rifles

(Single-shot muzzle loading, so compared to today’s firearms, trifles).

But when the true revolutionaries met at the Second Continental Congress,

They didn’t need to carry guns, their feelings to express.

And when the Constitution was being debated

And the vaunted Second Amendment created,

The delegates didn’t attend meetings packing heat

(Back then, gun owners were more discrete).

Even back in the Wild West,

Marshall Wyatt Earp knew what was best.

The law said no guns were allowed in town,

And when gunmen resisted, he shot them down.

Why then do gun nuts now declare

They should be able to carry their arsenals everywhere?

Remember, the Second Amendment says “well regulated”

And SCOTUS has upheld most of the gun laws created.

But still, these open carriers are plagued by the obsession

That the “gummint” wants to remove the guns from their possession.

Even though by any reasonable standard it can’t be disputed

That gun control laws have of late been diluted.

Fifty fanatics gathered in Arlington VA,

Spoiling an otherwise beautiful day.

They listened to right wing militia hero,

Rabble-rousing blogger Mike Vanderboegh.

(Throwing bricks through windows, he previously professed

Was an appropriate way, healthcare reform to protest.)

They said the government was taking their rights away

(Never mind that it had let them protest freely today).

They said the government wants to restrict their Second Amendment freedom

(Never mind they each had brought guns along in case they’d need ‘em).

But like the Roman legions of old,

They couldn’t bring weapons into the city, they were told.

So an unarmed group met at the Washington Monument,

Forced to just brandish signs to express their dissent.

It was just a coincidence they held this rally today

On the anniversary of Waco and Timothy McVeigh.

For right wing militias, April 19 is their Alamo

(McVeigh chose the date as revenge for Waco).

But organizer Dan Almond said he chose the date

The battles of Lexington and Concord to commemorate.

Sorry, Mr. Almond, but those patriot leaders you pattern yourself after

Would view your petty complaints with derision and laughter.

They, after all, took up arms with actual cause and as a last resort,

As opposed to the supposed “totalitarian socialism” against which you armed rebellion exhort.

You think you’re a patriot, but you’re really anything but.

You, Mr. Almond, are quite simply

A nut.


Here’s video from the gun rally in Arlington.

Here’s Almond interviewed during the protest on the Alyona Show saying that the protest is “not necessarily” a violent threat against the government.

Here’s actual video from the actual Second Continental Congress. Yes, it’s true, John Adams has a lot to say in criticism of illegal taxes, but as you can plainly see, neither he nor anyone else is armed.

OK, sorry. That actually that was Sit Down John from the musical 1776, a very funny and informative movie about the War of American Independence.


Here’s the trailer for the classic 1957 movie Gunfight at the O.K. Corral (starring Kirk Douglas and Burt Lancaster).

Here’s a very funny (and appropriate) Daily Show segment on open carry.

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Open Carrier Discrimination
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And here’s your theme music for today, I Like Guns by Steve Lee.

And here’s something just for you, Mr. Almond. I hope you en-Joy it.

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