Guillermo Jorton (or, They Don’t Look Like Canadian Terrorists to Me)

October 17th, 2010

Inspired by Angle defends TV ads (Washington Post 10/17/10). 

The good news is that recent GOP race-baiting ads don’t demonize blacks.

The bad: Now it’s Mexicans that are the subject of GOP attacks.

Images of menacing Mexicans in GOP ads abound.

(That same scary threesome must really get around.)

They’re not Mexicans, Sharron Angle told a group of high school Latinos,

Though why she thought they’d believe that, nobody knows.

The ad’s about the Canadian border, Sharron shamelessly said:

The people coming across that fence are Canadian terrorists instead.

That statement, Sharron, is ridiculously absurd;

It may be the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.

And given the other things you’ve said, that’s a pretty high bar.

Congratulations: as a GOP politician, you’ll clearly go far.

I humbly retract my earlier accusations

About your appalling lack of qualifications.

You’re a perfect fit for the GOP Senatorial Caucus,

If you succeed in making Reid your personal Dukakis.

Your ads join the ranks of a fine GOP tradition:

Electoral race-baiting, anti-Latino edition.

Personally, I hope your use of modern day Willie Hortons

Your political career significantly shortens.


Here’s one of the Sharron Angle ads in question. The people sneaking across the border are Canadian terrorists, not Mexicans, Sharron says. A further irony: in the second ad, the same trio of scary looking Mexicans (a stock photo which Angle’s campaign purchased from Getty) is also making its appearance in other Republican attack ads (watch a clip of that one in Stephen Colbert’s report below).


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Here’s the iconic Republican race-baiting ad, by George H. W. Bush, about Willie Horton, the scary-looking (and coincidentally black) murderer given a weekend furlough by Mass. Governor (and Bush’s Democratic opponent) Michael Dukakis.

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