September 29th, 2009

     It’s long been my biggest pet peeve.

Sometimes it’s so bad I can’t believe–

When people driving in a perpendicular direction

Obliviously block the intersection.

     It doesn’t get them where they’re going any faster.

All it does is create a traffic disaster.

Now, everybody is stuck.

And traffic coming from the other direction is out of luck.

     Why do people do it?

If the light’s about to turn, why go through it?

Do people do it out of spite

That they, God forbid, would have to wait at the light?

     When the light’s about to turn red

Why not stay out of the intersection instead?

Just because you can’t advance,

Don’t block everyone else’s chance.

     Is it just me,

Or does gridlock seem worse in DC?

Here, people are always in a hurry.

And everyone thinks they’re a VIP.

     In politics, the situation’s the same–

Republicans play a similar game.

Since they can’t do what THEY want to

They obstruct what Democrats are trying to do.

     Instead of negotiating, they block.

Instead of using reason, they shock.

Instead of showing respect, they mock.

Instead of bipartisanship, create gridlock.

     Republicans couldn’t lead the country where it needs to go.

But that doesn’t stop them from saying no.

“Give our ideas a chance,” they intone,

But they already had 8 years to run things on their own.

     The smallest change is more than they can stand.

But like Dylan said, get out of the way if you can’t lend a hand.

On healthcare and climate change we face a ticking clock.

We can’t afford more political gridlock.


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