Grand Old Slumber Party

April 30th, 2010

Inspired by GOP blockade of bank bill may be breaking up (Washington Examiner 4/29/10).

“They keep stalling and they keep stalling. And it appears that they’re more concerned about taking care of the fat cats on Wall Street than they are the people who aren’t so fat, the people who have been hit so hard, the consumers of America.” – Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid

After three days of stonewalling Republicans relented

And to beginning debate on financial reform consented.

McConnell promised Wall Street to delay as long as possible,

But to do so further proved politically impossible.

Republicans, as usual, are against deregulation,

Claiming it will destroy the nation.

Of course, they always add “over” the word “regulation” to modify

(It’s funny, but there’s no level of regulation to which it doesn’t apply).

That Republicans think any regulation is too much

Just shows how far they’re out of touch.

(And of course how enthralled they are to Wall Street interests,

Which in spite of causing economic collapse the same behavior persists.)

At the Goldman Sachs hearing, every Republican made the obligatory populist statement,

But to say the hearing didn’t go well for the GOP is an understatement.

Goldman’s hubris and selfishness make it hard for Republicans to uphold

That we shouldn’t regulate the interests by which they’re controlled.

Although the GOP’s approach to governance seems to be one of somnolence,

They don’t like the discomfort that sleeping on a cot represents.

And according to Rachel, that’s why they gave in

And let debate on financial reform begin.

The GOP is again using small business as their poster child

(That’s more productive than using firms that are universally reviled).

Now that they’ve opened debate, I’m sure they’ll continue to sound the alarm.

About how much regulation those poor folks would harm.

But between us, they don’t care about those small fries,

They just care about the fat cats who their major contributors comprise.

And they don’t care about the American people, when push comes to shove.

Otherwise, they wouldn’t have given the polices of George Bush so much love.


Here’s Rachel’s 4/28/10 “Roll Out the Cots” report.

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Here’s Jon Stewart’s 4/27/10 report.

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