Grand Oil Party

July 31st, 2010

Inspired by House approves legislation in response to oil spill (LA Times 7/31/10) and House approves oil spill bill; stalled in Senate (Washington Post 7/31/10).

Yesterday, the House passed the oil spill bill.

Will see in the next few weeks if the Senate will.

Republicans, of course, voted unanimously against it,

After have seriously condensed it.

They forced all the clean energy contents to be taken out,

And even now, its passage is in doubt.

In addition to the unified Republican opposition,

Some oil state Dems may also take a negative position.

(It remains to be seen how shameless they’ll be

In their support of Big Oil and BP.)

The bill removes the liability limit

(A move which Republicans fought to the limit).

It also strengthens safety regulation

(Thus furthering our Republic’s annihilation).

The bill also includes a $2/barrel tax

Itself subjecting Dems to relentless attacks.

The proceeds will be used to fund conservation

Projects in the Gulf and throughout the Nation.

That’s about 2.2 cents per gallon, so not a whole lot,

But Republicans still their old anti-tax stich out to trot.

Dems are “sticking it to the consumer again at the gas pump,” says Rep. Sessions in despair,

In contrast to the GOP, which plans to stick it to the consumer elsewhere.

And it’s not even true that that whole 2.2 cents gets paid by consumers:

Some comes out of oil company profit.

Based on elasticity of demand and supply, economists estimate

That the conservation tax a higher price of about a penny a gallon will create.

Is that penny why Republicans don’t like the bill and wanted to stop it,

Or were they really concerned with oil company profit?

If it was the former, you’d think Republicans would have complained before,

When oil prices increased by ten times under Bush, and profits even more.

The bill pushes oil companies to renegotiate their old royalty-free leases,

Which the Treasury’s oil revenue greatly increases.

It’s the American public’s oil, so why should we give it to Big Oil for free

So they can just sell it back to us (that seems strange to me).

The bill bars new off-shore leases to companies with poor safety and environmental records,

Which hopefully will reduce the number of spills and dead birds.

It establishes new ethics rules and raises the penalties

To those who willfully violate drilling safety policies.

(Before, the fine was a paltry $100K,

Which the bill raises to $10 million for those who willfully disobey.)

The bill also regulates the use of dispersant chemicals,

Previously used without regard to resulting marine life kills.

It establishes new standards for blowout preventers

The failed equipment at the current oil spill catastrophe’s center.

Finally, the bill codifies scandal-plagued MMS’s reorganization,

Given that MMS’s “mistakes” weren’t just a one-time aberration.

(Those dated back to the Bush era cocaine-sex parties with lobbyists

(No hookers there, unless you count the hobbyists).

All these changes seem pretty reasonable to me,

But not to the members of the Grand Oil Party.

All 178 House Republicans contested it,

And the GOP News Network dutifully protested it.

The bill passed by a thin margin (the barest).

Is the GOP by this blatancy even remotely embarrassed?

Has the BP spill the Grand Oil Party’s pandering decreased?

No, apparently, not in the least.

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