Graham Cracker

March 15th, 2010

Inspired by Lindsey Graham On Obama Health Care ‘Spin’: Americans Are ‘Tired Of This Crap’ (Huffington Post 3/14/10).

“If they do this it is going to poison the well for anything else they would like to achieve this year or years after.” – Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC)

 Senator Graham, you say you don’t like the spin?

They you should reconsider the Party you’re in.

Republicans have spun so fast that America can’t catch its breath.

They’ve spun healthcare reform almost to death.

If Dems do this it will “poison the well”?

The well was already poisoned, so what the hell.

You call reconciliation a “sleazy process,”

But when the GOP did it that didn’t cause you distress.

And it can’t “open up Pandora’s box” like you say,

Since Republicans have already opened it up anyway.

Call me biased (I admit I am),

But I far prefer the other Graham.


Here’s Senator Graham’s appearance on ABC’s this week.

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